Amanda Porter

Abdominal and Digestive Health Retreat

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Visiting Masters - Amanda Porter

Your gut is the interface between the outside world and the interior world of your body and is an essential part of your immune system, therefore maintaining an optimal living environment for your microbiome is essential for supporting a strong immune system.

Join Amanda for a two-day event here at The Coach House Spa and learn what you can do to not only deal with digestive complaints but also give your immune system a boost as the winter approaches.

As one of the founders of The Abdominal Therapy Collective Amanda Porter, international educator and therapist, is at the forefront of teaching this profoundly transformational work. Amanda teaches a simple yet effective self care massage - YAM (Your Abdominal Massage) - that will become a supportive tool for life and sheds light on your personal digestive story, giving you the tools to create glorious gut function

This 2 day retreat includes:

  • Daily Morning Group Workshops (9 am-12 pm)
  • 1:1 Two Hour Session with Amanda
  • 1:1 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessment and Advice
  • A Light, Wholesome Deli Lunch each day
  • Full Use of The Coach House Facilities