Abdominal and Digestive Health Retreat

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Visiting Masters - Amanda Porter

Designed to support optimal digestive function for anyone with a belly. We will address common digestive complaints such as IBS, acid reflux, constipation, bloating, nutritional challenges, and more. You will learn how your internal architecture impacts your digestion, how daily life effects the function of your ‘second brain’ and how to support your gut’s natural healing process

Amanda Porter is an international educator and therapist who loves to share her work. As one of the founders of The Abdominal Therapy Collective she is at the forefront of teaching this profoundly transformational work to the public and professionals alike. Amanda teaches a simple yet effect Self Care massage YAM (Your Abdominal Massage) that will become a supportive tool for life and sheds light on your personal digestive story, and gives you tools to create glorious gut function

This 2 day retreat includes

  • Daily morning group workshops
  • 1:1 two hour session with Amanda
  • 1:1 Naturopathic Nutritional Assessment and Advice
  • A light wholesome deli lunch each day
  • And 2-day access to enjoy the wonderful Coach House Faculties