NAD Immune Booster Spa Break

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NAD Immune Booster Spa Break

NADclinic in partnership with The Coach House Health Club & Spa
Optimal Wellness - NAD+ IV Therapy (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)
The Coach House Spa will partner with the renowned cellular innovators - NADclinic - best known for their headquarters on Harley Street. From the 15th August guests can take advantage of bespoke IV NAD+ infusions tailored to their lifestyle and needs. NAD+ is known as the ‘miracle molecule’ as it enhances energy levels, promotes brain health and cellular regeneration, and is essential for optimal health and longevity. Conducted by trusted professionals following an in-depth consultation and medical assessment, the IV infusions is administered directly into the bloodstream to replenish levels of NAD+ and target stress release and anti-fatigue, detoxification to increase the metabolism, or a bespoke programme can be adapted to guests’ individual lifestyle and needs and much more. Guests can also benefit from a menu of injections including glutathione for energy production, vitamin B for neurological function, amino acids for weight loss and vitamin C to fortify the immune system.

Optimise your wellness and decelerate the ageing process with NAD+, dubbed the ‘miracle molecule’ by medical professionals. IV administered NAD+ replenishes depleted naturally occurring NAD with remarkable effect to enhance energy, ameliorate brain health and cellular regeneration, and fortify the immune system.

This anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-histamine boost that charges your energy and replenishes vitamins and minerals, optimising mitochondrial health and fortifying the immune system to optimal levels. The optimal delivery for anti - oxidation is 2 x 7.5g Vitamin C infusions per week for it to be absorbed into the body and received at a cellular level.

  • One Night Accommodation
  • Full English Breakfast for two
  • Infusion - per person
  • Relaxing 60 minute massage - per person
  • Coach House Deli lunch
  • Full use of the Coach House Spa facilities
  • Complimentary Wifi

From £1,142 per room, per night based on 2 adults sharing a room

(Available for weekday stays Sunday – Thursday from 15th August – 15th September, 2020)