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Art speaks where words are unable to explain

Our estate is home to a wealth of historical treasures, each one with its own story to tell, but our extensive collections of artwork are perhaps what we're most proud of. Our walls are adorned with works created by a whole host of artists including celebrated stained-glass artist, Brian Clarke, and Victorian adventurer, Marianne North.

Brian Clarke

The Coach House Spa

Today's greatest stained-glass artist, Brian Clarke, was commissioned to bring his unique magic to Beaverbrook with the brief to create a quintessentially English spa. The result was what the German's call Gesamtkunstwerk; art that embraces everything in the space, and makes the space itself a work of art.

Marianne North


Once dubbed, "The Flower Huntress", the Victorian botanical artist, Marianne North, travelled across the globe to capture botanical wonders of the world on paper. Her paintings of exotic, and often rare, plants and flowers became Britain's finest collection of botanical art, and many of her works now hang proudly in Sir Frank's Bar.



Our Anglo-Italian restaurant in The Garden House is home to a rare collection of original Victorian paintings. The subjects of each are prize-winning show animals, and the artists include Thomas Weaver, Albert Clark, John Miles, and Richard Whitford to name but a few. The collection is regarded as being one of the finest in England.

Gerhard Richter


Hanging in the lobby of The House is a tapestry by celebrated artist, Gerhard Richter. The work, entitled Abdu, is one of a group of four enormous tapestries created by the artist in 2009. It is based on one of his previous works, Abstract Painting (724-4), and fuses the ancient Arab art of carpet weaving with high tech sophistication.