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Remember, loving yourself is a fundamental thing

Here at Beaverbrook, it's all about the top-to-toe experience. And there's no better way to truly unwind than spending time being pampered, looking after yourself, and being at one with nature. Whether you're staying with us, taking advantage of one of our Spa Day packages, or are a member of our spa, you can enjoy a range of treatments delivered by some of the best therapists in the industry.

Indulge yourself with a little extra... When booking a treatment of 60 minutes or more your experience will start with a foot ritual and consultation so we can work with your body to tailor your treatment to you.  We ask that everyone arrives at the spa 20 minutes early to allow time for this experience.

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Opening hours

Weekdays: 8.00am - 8.00pm
Weekend: 8.00am - 8.00pm

Treatment hours

Weekdays: 10.00am - 7.00pm
Weekends: 9.00am - 8.00pm


Please book in advance to avoid disappointment and advise us of any health conditions so we can suggest suitable treatments. Please note that we do not differentiate between our male and female therapists, but should you have a preference, please make a request when making your booking reservation and we will try to accommodate you.


We request that you arrive 20 minutes before your treatment to begin your consultation experience and foot ritual, for those guests with treatments of 60 minutes or more.


You may cancel or reschedule your reservation with The Coach House Spa Reception team without charge up to 48 hours in advance of your appointment time. Reservations made within a 48 hour period may not be changed or cancelled.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) 

To support personalised treatment plans, The Coach House Health Club & Spa has introduced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). This involves a hyperbaric chamber adding pressure to the body, while the gases in the air supersaturate the bloodstream leading to a quick and dramatic rise in oxygen levels. Oxygen is important to every cell in the body and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps repair our cells, feed our brains, calm our nerves, and it is a cleansing tool to fuel the body’s defences against viruses, ensuring you keep strong, sharp, active, and energised.

Oxygen is essential to life.  It creates red blood cells which improve the circulatory system. The benefits of receiving enhanced levels of oxygen work across the full spectrum of health. It boosts our immune system against bacteria and viruses, provides energy on both a physical and mental level to improve performance and stimulates cellular regeneration. The therapy requires no more than breathing inside the chamber, in which higher oxygen levels in a higher-pressure atmosphere deliver up to 20x more oxygen in the bloodstream. The session will leave you feeling refreshed and energised, and is ideal pre-workout (to raise energy levels) and post-workout (to repair muscular stress).

  • Single 45min session - £75
  • Course of 6 x 45min sessions - £390
  • Course of 12 sessions - £750

Please note the contra-indications for the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as follows: tinnitus, ear drum rupture, ear infection or pain (inflammation), sinusitis, cold or fever, lung disease, pneumothorax, emphysema and COPD, pregnancy, epilepsy, undergoing chemotherapy or claustrophobia.  If you suffer from any of these Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will not be possible.


Naturopathy is central to The Coach House Spa’s integrated wellness offering. The healing power of nature is practiced through this popular holistic system of medicine derived from traditional eastern healing practices that aim to reconnect us with nature to promote health, wellness, and disease prevention via natural healing therapies and practices and improved nutrition.  The integrative approach to health is increasingly popular because it combines conventional science and natural medicine to treat, not only the symptoms, but also the cause.

The Spa’s resident and highly skilled naturopath, Camilla dos Santos, is available for in-depth personalised consultations to gently appraise all aspects of your physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing and deliver personally tailored treatment plans to rejuvenate and boost your overall health and energy levels, and aid recovery. Camilla can also help you counter particular ailments from chronic illness, stress, allergy, hormonal and sleep disorders to musculoskeletal issues.

Certified as a Naturopath at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Lisbon and currently concluding her Functional Medicine Degree with the Institute of Functional Medicine, Camilla is a member of both the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and GNC (General Naturopathic Council), and is an ambassador for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), as well.

Naturopathy is directed at your personal state of health and goals, and uses a number of diagnostic techniques such as iridology, reflexology, abdominal palpation and natural constitution assessment, alongside functional clinical testing and monitoring to create a bespoke wellness plan for you, with measurable results.

Treatment can include dietary adjustments, incorporation of therapeutically effective botanical extracts and nutritional supplementation, IV infusion referral as well as lifestyle recommendations including breathwork, stress management, sleep-wake cycle management and HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis regulation. With additional training in mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and oral ozone therapy, Camilla also offers these highly specialized forms of therapy to further support your needs and goals.  If required clinical testing and monitoring can be performed, with options for gut microbiome stool evaluation, IgG food intolerance and IgE food allergy testing, cardiovascular health, hormone, thyroid, metabolism and methylation profiling.

For Camilla, above all, Naturopathy offers a new perspective on disease, that helps you learn more about your body, view imbalances from a different perspective, regain confidence in your body's innate ability to heal and take responsibility for your own health. Fundamentally, it is by changing the narrative that one can profoundly affect the trajectory of treatment and health.

  • Initial consultation – £225 for 90 minutes
  • Follow-up consultation – £140 for 45 minutes

Vitamin and Mineral Individual Infusions

Vitamin and Mineral Intravenous Infusions

Conducted by trusted professionals following an in-depth consultation and medical assessment, the IV infusions are ad-ministered directly into the bloodstream to replenish essential vitamin and mineral levels to target stress release, anti-fatigue and detoxification to increase the metabolism.

A time for Immune Support

An Holistic approach to health teaches us to be in harmony with the seasons. The strengthening of the immune system, is an essential a part in preparation for the winter season. Vitamins and minerals delivered through intravenous infusion, provide an immediate boost to the system as they go straight into the blood stream and are taken up on a cellular level.

We are working with the team of Doctors at NADclinic to offer the highest efficacy of treatments that support your immune system and have developed a range of infusions that reflect your need and time availability.

Essential Vitamin Infusion - Vitamin C 5g, Vitamin D

The vitamins are suspended in 200ml of saline  / Infusion Time:  30 minutes

Individual sessions:  £199 / Program: 5 sessions: £860

The Energising Immune Boost - Vitamin C 7.5g , Vitamin B and Glutathione

The vitamins are suspended in 600ml of saline  / Infusion Time:  60 minutes

Individual sessions:  £499 / Program: 5 sessions: £2,200

The Ultimate Vitamin Infusion - High dose Vitamin C 10g, Meyers Formula including   Magnesium, Zinc, Vita-min D and Glutathione

The vitamins are suspended in 900ml of saline / Infusion Time:  120 minutes

Individual sessions:  £699 / Program: 5 sessions: £2,975

The 3 Day Immune Protocol - The three-day protocol £1,800

Day 1    Vitamin B, Glutathion

Suspended in 450ml of saline  / Infusion Time: 45 minutes

Day 2    Meyers Cocktail, Magnesium, Zinc & Glutathion

Suspended in 450ml of saline  / Infusion Time:  45 minutes

Day 3    Vitamin C 10g, Vitamin D & Glutathion 600mg

Suspended in 700ml of saline  / Infusion Time:  70 minutes

NAD ‘The Miracle Molecule’

NAD is a critical co-enzyme that naturally exists in all our living cells,  supporting mitochondrial health and optimising our body’s immune system. Unfortunately, as we age our natural NAD levels decline.

NAD+ is natural product (derivative of Vitamin B) and is responsible for regulating our cellular energy production system, which in turn is crucial to slowing the ageing process, DNA repair, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Incorporating 0.5g of NAD in addition to vitamins, minerals and amino acids, our infusions are typically 90 minutes but may vary in time between 60-120 minutes as it is given at a rate that the the body can absorb. As this is a fully medically backed infusion protocol, we recommend that you discuss your needs with our naturopath and the NAD team prior to booking.

Stress release & Anti-Fatigue

Our NAD+  IV therapy helps regenerate your brain, enhancing mental clarity and function; detoxification of internal organs and noticeable reduction in food cravings; cellular and DNA repair and sustained increase in energy

Individual sessions:  £699 / Program: 5 sessions: £2500

Detoxification & Weight Loss

Low levels of NAD can prevent weight loss.  Our program increases the metabolism, generating a healthier appetite with loss of sugar cravings and reduces chronic fatigue (allowing us the opportunity to support with exercise)

Individual sessions:  £699 / Program:  5 sessions: £2500

The Bespoke Program

No two people are the same, no two infusions need be the same.  The program is developed based on consultation 24 hours prior to the session to determine your needs and lifestyle.

Pricing based on consultation

Health Benefits

Vitamin C:

Antioxidant that promotes tissue regeneration, boosts immune cell function, and regulates the immune response

Vitamins B:

Regulates the metabolism, promotes cell regeneration and energy enhancement

Vitamin D:

Regulates immune response and is fundamental for lung health


Mineral cofactor in over 300 enzymatic processes in the body, ranging from immune boosting activity to metabolic regulation


Antioxidant that mediates immune cell production and activity, displaying important synergistic effects when combined with vitamin C


Powerful antioxidant which boosts liver function, regulates the inflammatory response and boosts antibody production

NAD clinic: Our Partner in Infusions:

The clinic was founded in 2018 in the Harley Street medical district and specialises in providing NAD infusions.  They have a successful track record of delivering more than 20,000  sessions at its location in Harley Street and provide the highest level of standards in the sourcing of their products, developing formulations and treatment protocols. The team are overseen by Dr Saskia Kloppenburg, who works with our Naturopath, Camilla Santos, to provide precision personalised medicine for our guests.

About Dr Saskia Kloppenburg:

Dr Saskia Kloppenburg attended medical school specialising in internal medicine. Dr Saskia realised the importance of an individualised and holistic approach and this interest in complementary medicine lead me to look deeper into the importance of lifestyle nutrition and emotional  wellbeing, and finally into NAD+. Dr Saskia works at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, where she sees cancer patients, and at NADclinic.


Therapi Honey Facial

This sublime facial uses the regenerative and healing properties of honey and propolis products from Therapi to cleanse and massage the skin, treat fine lines, and stimulate collagen, leaving your skin looking radiant and feeling deeply nourished. Honey is rich in enzymes, amino acids, minerals and nutrients, and propolis is among nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants.

£165 for 60 minutes

Include reflex-zone therapy on the feet, head, or arms and hands for £220 for 90 minutes

Sportsman's Proverb Facial

This men’s treatment starts with a back cleanse (30 minutes) and is followed by a full facial with firm gym massage techniques, using lab-proven products from Proverb, a line for men that uses organic enzymes, proteins and anti-oxidants.

£165 for 60 minutes

Include back treatment for £220 for 90 minutes

Apothecary Meadow Facial

The A.S. Apothecary line is created in Sussex from hand-picked plants and flowers, and this facial, created specifically for our spa, uses Sussex Rose at its core. This treatment includes an oil cleanse, mineral powder exfoliation, spritzing with aromatic waters, a mask, and toning and moisturising to reveal a clear and dewy complexion.

£165 for 60 minutes, £220 for 90 minutes

Include a 60 minute Naturopathic consultation for £175

Massage & body treatments

Biodynamic Bodywork

Biodynamic Bodywork embraces a range of therapeutic methods which help to treat and relieve many physical, neural, and stress-related conditions. This therapeutic treatment is personalised for individual needs and may include a variety of techniques which involves:
• Therapeutic muscular release for physical tension
• Stretching and release techniques to realign
• Meridian pressure points to encourage energic flow

Biodynamic Bodywork - £180 for 60 minutes, £250 for 90 minutes

Full Body Exfoliation

Feel invigorated, energised, and purified with our full body exfoliation treatment. Our therapists will blend salt and high-vibrational oils specifically to your skin requirement, to fully exfoliate and soften your body. Our Full Body Exfoliation is a perfect pre-treatment for all other therapies.

£90 for 30 minutes

Maternity Treatment

Allow us to nurture you, as you nurture new life. This restorative organic rose-based treatment combines a gentle rose hip scrub and full body massage with oils and balms to keep your skin supple and free from stretch marks thanks to nourishing levels of vitamins, anti-oxidants and omega fatty acids.

£220 for 90 minutes



We use organic products to treat your skin and 90% natural polishes based on an inspired formulation of wheat, cotton, bamboo, potatoes and corn, as well as home-grown herbs from our gardens.

£90 for 60 minutes


Our pedicures include foot-nourishing rituals with salts and essential oils, followed with polish (if desired) that is free from formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates.

£100 for 75 minutes


When time is short we can relax your hands, care for your cuticles and buff or polish.

Our products

Pinks Boutique

We use award-winning products from organic brand Pinks Boutique in our hand, feet and waxing treatments.

Kure Bazaar

Our varnishes come from Kure Bazaar who offer an eco-natural yet vibrant and glossy range of lacquers with a formulation that preserves the vitality of nails.

Integrated wellness


Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions based on the principle that the wellbeing of an individual depends on the coherent functioning of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue. Our Osteopath uses touch, massage and gentle manipulation to increase mobility, ease tension, and boost blood supply to tissues, all of which support your body’s innate healing ability.

  • Osteopathy Assessment and Alignment – £140 for 45 minutes
  • Naturopathic Osteopathy – £220 for 90 minutes
  • Follow-up sessions – £100 for 30 minutes


This therapy works on the reflex points in your feet that correspond to the different parts of your body. Applying pressure on these points relieves tension and encourages circulation in the related organs and throughout the whole body to leave you feeling energised and balanced.

  • Initial session – £200 for 90 minutes
  • Follow-up sessions – £160 for 1 hour
  • Reflex-zone therapy (a beautiful enhancement to other treatments) – £90 for 30 minutes

Soul Wellness

As part of our holistic approach, we offer meditation and mindfulness classes in groups or one-to-one. We also have nature trails and a barefoot pathway and offer guided walks through the tranquility of our estate.