Sir Frank's Bar

'Drinking wine is as natural as eating, and as necessary' - Ernest Hemingway

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Old world opulence and art-deco aesthetic

Beaverbrook’s creative director Sir Frank Lowe was responsible for curating the unique interiors of Beaverbrook with a myriad of historic treasures, collectables and rare artwork collections. Here, you'll find walls lined with over 350 paintings by the Victorian botanical artist, Marianne North, a Gatsbyesque art-deco bar with topaz-blue velvet stools, a menu of Japanese-inspired tacos and light bites, and a generous selection of tipples to choose from.

Let us crack open a bottle of bubbly or pair your favourite gin with the tonic of choice. Take your pick from our comprehensive cocktail list, or venture off-piste and ask our bar team to mix up something new.