The Coach House Spa ethos

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We believe in a holistic, natural, and nurturing approach when it comes to wellness. From the design of The Coach House Spa right through to our treatments, we are inspired and influenced by the beauty of the nature around us. We're all about nourishing both your body and mind, and as you strengthen yourself with food, exercise, and rest, we will tailor your treatment to complement your lifestyle, pain points, and progression areas.

Nature's healing powers

Nature has a calming effect on our body and mind, which is why we have surrounded ourselves by our gloriously green surroundings. Entangled within the interior design of The Coach House, you can enjoy floral-designed stained glass windows, landscaped poolside terraces, and private gardens with breathtaking views.


From the original working well beneath the spa to the flowing rills inside, we utilise water in both our design and our facilities.


From our medicinal herb garden and meadows to our walking woodland trails, we honour the healing energy of nature.


From clear, starry nights to long, daytime views, we channel the boundless space of peace and light in both our design and treatments.

Apothecary garden

Our Head Gardener, Elliot Beveridge, has been a vital part of the Beaverbrook Estate for over 15 years and has hand-grown an apothecary garden with medicinal plants and flowers that we use in treatments and teas. Some of our herbal products are available to purchase from The Boutique & Apothecary, so you can re-live The Coach House Spa experience at home.

Our therapists and partners

We partner with a range of boutique brands from across England, and every one of them shares our ethos, passion for botanical ingredients, and love of nature. We also have a resident Naturopath who can help you to make the most of nature's healing powers and develop a personal plan for you to boost your health. While we offer a range of packaged treatments for you to choose from, our therapists can tailor your treatments to meet your specific needs. We actively support the wellbeing of our therapists so that they too can be conscious on how best to support yours.

Truly a work of art

Today's greatest stained-glass artist, Brian Clarke, was commissioned to bring his unique magic to Beaverbrook with the brief to create a quintessentially English spa. The result was what the German's call Gesamtkunstwerk; art that embraces everything in the space, and makes the space itself a work of art.