Amanda Porter

Men's Health Day Retreat

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Visiting Masters - Amanda Porter

Amanda uses her professional and personal teachings to offer a safe space for men of all ages to share and learn about a range of health challenges.

This class teaches the abdominal and pelvic anatomy and how to support the optimal function of these amazing organs with a simple 10-minute abdominal massage performed by you at home, which may offer support with fertility challenges, swollen prostate and pelvic pain. Take a dive into the simple anatomy of the pelvic bowl and explore how your history may have an impact on the function of these organs.

Your one day retreat includes:

Morning Group Workshop (10 am - 1 pm)
45 Minute 1:1 with Amanda - Learn Your Abdominal Massage and Review Your Health Story
A Wholesome Light Deli Lunch
Full use of The Coach House facilities

Upgrade your spa day:

45 Minute Naturopathic Health Assessment